White After Labor Day: Chic or Faux Pas?

There is something so irresistibly cool about an all-white ensemble. From off-duty model looks to runway showstoppers, all-white manages to be classic and new, bold and proper, all at the same time. The age-old question persists, however, even well into 2019: can I wear white after labor day? The answer is a resounding yes.

There is no need to ship your white garments off to storage for the winter, so long as the fabric is seasonally appropriate, because winter whites are sometimes even better than an all white midsummer outfit. Besides, why limit such an amazing color to one short season? Bottom line is, don’t limit yourself this fall. Wear those white pants or cream silk camisole or both at the same time.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite post-summer all white outfits for you to get some inspiration from.

Kelsey Bonacker